Screenings are optional. A referral is not required.

The early years of a child's development are the most crucial. It's important to learn how to communicate to aid learning and development properly. Many parents may not consider how improper speech can also carry over into writing and reading. If you notice that your child is not communicating at an appropriate level for his/her age, it's important to seek help as soon as possible. Contact us now to schedule an optional free screening.

What to expect.

Screenings are optional, free, and do not require a referral. We perform a 5 – 10-minute standardized pass-or-fail screener based on your child's age to get a better insight into your child's speech and language skills. We will assess speech sounds and receptive and expressive language skills using a series of pictures. Lastly, to gauge general intelligibility, we listen to your child's connected speech. You can find out if your child is on the right track or if your child may need help developing stronger communication skills.

It’s free.

At Creekside Speech Therapy we provide free screenings. We make the screening free because we want to make early intervention easy by eliminating any barriers between helping you get the answers you are seeking.


Screenings are free and optional. A referral is not required to schedule a screening. The screening is performed in an environment (home, daycare, or preschool) that is most comfortable for your child in order to foster optimal performance.


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