Based on the skill level and severity of your child’s disorder, we will create individualized goals to determine the focus of therapy. We will determine a private speech therapy schedule. Each session will be up to 30 minutes ranging from once to twice per week. The amount of therapy needed will be different for every child – some may reach their goals in six months to one year, others may need more time. Everything will be defined based on the severity of your child’s disorder.

Private Therapy.

We believe in one-on-one attention, which is often unavailable in other settings, which is why every session we conduct is private. Our approach entails a range of materials to further your child’s speech and language skills. Every method will be based on your child’s individual goals. All private therapy sessions are conducted by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist of Creekside Speech Therapy in an environment that is most comfortable for the child.

Disorders we treat.

  • Articulation disorders (speech sounds)

  • Expressive language disorders (how a person uses language)

  • Receptive language disorders (how a person comprehends language)

  • Apraxia of speech (motor speech disorders)

  • Dysphagia (swallowing)

  • Aphasia (loss of language due to brain injury)

  • Pragmatic/social skills

  • Oral motor skills

  • Accent reduction (adults only)

Therapy sessions are performed in an environment (home, daycare, or preschool) that is most comfortable for your child in order to foster optimal performance.


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